Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi : Painless Home Treatment For Cracked And Hard Skin (Review)

I was skeptical when I ordered the Scholl velvet pedi. I’ve had calluses on my heels for as long as I can remember having heels and although this isn’t the perfect solution…..

I Really Love This Product!

Why Is The Scholl Velvet Pedi So Effective?

In short….diamonds! The business end of the Scholl velvet pedi ( the roller) is studded with tiny diamond crystals ideal for painlessly filing down the most stubborn of calluses!

Duel speed settings allow you to go slower when simply buffing away skin cracks and then turn up the speed when tackling more affected areas.

  • No more unattractive calluses!
  • No more unsightly yellow heels!

Interchangeable heads mean its easy to pop out the roller, rinse when required and simply pop back in. There are also different grades of roller coarseness available.

Ergonomic design and balanced weight mean the product feels comfortable in hand.

Battery life is great and simply requires 4 x AA batteries which are super easy to change.

Whats Not So Great….

There’s a built in safety feature that stop the roller spinning if too much pressure is applied which while understandable definitely slows down progress.

Would have been nice to ship with a spare roller.

In Conclusion: Is The Scholl Velvet Smooth Extra Course Diamond Pedi For You?

If you want to effectively and painlessly erode calluses, hard skin or cracked areas then definitely YES!

Buy Yours Here…

==> Scholl Velvet Smooth Extra Course Diamond Pedi